What is Olam

Olam is a not-for-profit foundation aimed at solving the wasteful chaos in the modern supply chain by means of a standard, open-source platform. The new standard will enable the various logistics parties along the supply chain to connect, communicate and develop their business effortlessly, with improved visibility and greatly improved trust.


Olam offers a new standard protocol and trusted platform on which all supply-chain stakeholders can connect effortlessly, sharing data and providing their services. Without disrupting the current state of affairs, Olam’s fresh yet common-sense approach will dramatically reduce the cost of doing business, allowing for new business models and enabling safe, gradual transitions to future business solutions which until now have been impossible to implement.


Olam’s open-source DLT-based platform, featuring smart contracts, standard APIs and protocols providing a ground- breaking method of multi-user communication. As a result, all current and new stakeholders in the supply chain can easily interact and cooperate, while keeping costs to a minimum.



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resource wasting greatly



carbon footprint drastically



most cargo theft & fraud



the UN/FAO initiative



decentralized, open-source platform



marketplace for products


To launch Olam’s platform as a universally trusted source of information, a DLT network will be used to store shipment information. Smart contracts will play a two-part role: Recording changes of custody and representing contractual agreements between parties in a given supply chain.

At a later stage of the project, a finance layer will be added, allowing for automatic payments between the parties. APIs form the foundation of the ecosystem; they expose system functionality in a secured manner, allowing only validated users to connect and perform platform specific operations.The APIs will grant access to the elements described above for information access and smart contract deployment.

The intuitive web interface which enables user account management, shipment information viewing and real-time reports will aggregate shipment information from on-board sensors.

Proof of concept

The Olam platform began its Proof of Concept (PoC) with some of the world’s most reputable and prominent logistics industry leaders, including global freight forwarder Kuehne + Nagel and ground handling giant Swissport International.

Proof of concept

During the trial, Olam effectively demonstrated the ability to foster communications between stakeholders wishing to carry out their logistics operations on the blockchain successfully, using emergent tech such as smart contracts, RFID sensor technology, and Olam’s groundbreaking API. Among the heavy operations successfully executed were climate-controlled shipments and change of custody, through various supply chain elements from shipper to consignee using standard API.

As of Q2 2018, Olam is in talks with chief global banking, insurance and multinational financial institutions with the objective of testing the platform’s ability to successfully trigger financial transactions between varying parties in the supply chain based on freight status.

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OLM is a utility token being built on the Ethereum blockchain in compliance with the ERC20 standard. The use of the OLM token is requisite to Olam’s decentralized system in order to align incentives and foster an ecosystem leading to wide-scale adoption by stakeholders. This platform will be used to communicate and provide services in what will ultimately become a universal standard. Users will pay service providers with either OLM tokens or fiat money. The services they receive from the Olam platform will be proportional to the payment made in Fiat money. The service provider in turn will pay the operator OLM tokens only, as will the operators when paying the foundation.

The payment will be allocated to operation licenses, yearly maintenance fees and operation fees made through the platform. During its initial stage. the foundation will incentivize operators, service providers and stakeholders contributing to the ecosystem by granting OLM tokens for trials and pilots.

The ecosystem will take off when service providers begin purchasing tokens to pay platform operators, accelerating when payments to the service providers are made by the end users and/or other service providers. The Olam foundation will cultivate a pure token economy between all parties and stakeholders of the new supply chain ecosystem as well as the token holders in the open market.

While the use of the Olam platform fundamentally requires OLM tokens, the value of the tokens may fluctuate. In order to overcome this effect in an industry accustomed to fiat payments, the core services of the Olam platform will initially remain linked to the price of the Fiat currency used. The operators will employ a distinct smart contract automatically converting OLM tokens to credit for services on the Olam platform linked to an agreed upon service commissioned in fiat payment.


David Weisman

co-founder and CEO

Co-Founder and V.P. Marketing & Business Development of M-Stream (acquired by Broadcom). David’s prior positions include: V.P Marketing and Business Development of DSPG and CEO of Video-Surfer, a VCON subsidiary

Yaron Kaufmann

Co-Founder and CTO

Yaron Kaufmann spent 7 years at Texas Instruments in the Mobile Connectivity Solutions business unit, serving as CTO, strategic marketing manager and product manager. Yaron’s prior positions: Engineering Manager at Yamar Electronics and R&D Team Leader in the technology unit of the IDF for 10 years.

Shlomo Berkovitch

VP of Business Development

High-tech veteran with over 30 years of experience in management, marketing and R&D in major international companies. Founded MM&M Ltd., specializing in international and strategic business development. Shlomo served as President of Infineon, Broadband Access Division, VP at ECI and as a senior manager at Intel.

Adv. Lior Zaks

VP Strategic Business

Visionary. Crypto currency expert, researcher, adopter and promoter of virtual currencies since 2010. Lior brings an extensive legal background working for several of the top ten Israeli legal firms. An expert lecturer in leading academic institutes for Crypto currencies aspects, associate editor for Israeli. academic law journals.

Dana (Reich) Adam


is an Internet entrepreneur with extensive marketing, operations and finance experience. Founder of Metronome (acquired by SimplySmart), cofounder and COO at Cliconomy, GoTraffic and Beta-Popcorn. Dana Holds a BA in Economy and accounting from TLV University, Israel.

Chaim Belfer


was VP of R&D at PeerTV, a leading developer of hardware and software solutions for the Internet-based TV market. Chaim’s prior positions include R&D Group Manager at Softier. During his tenure there, Softier introduced a Linux-based IP-Set Top Box utilizing Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320DM64x digital media processors and Softier’s Linux operating system and development tools.

Ido Horovitz

Business development

Co-Founder and former CEO of Multiverse Media, as well as Co-founder of various online ventures. Ido is a born-and-bread entrepreneur who began accumulating his vast experience and business knowledge a decade ago with successfully ventures in marketing and business development.

Nate Simantov

Community manager

Having managed and mobilized large online communities for over a decade, Nate is a maven in internet culture and forum management. With a solid background in media and communications, he enjoys both building and driving active internet communities for passive and proactive action and interest.

Ohad Bonneh

Project manager

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiastic, early adopter and investor. Supply chain expert, Co-founder of the startup company “Thermo transit”. IDF Special Forces veteran.

Eli Zur

Blockchain Developer

Highly Experienced hands on software developer with over than 20 years of experience in multiple fields and technologies, and a strong background in distributed systems, blockchain, and communication protocols.

Tomer Weisman

Blockchain Developer

Tomer is a back-end and blockchain developer with a specialty in DevOps practices and a passion for decentralized technologies. He formerly worked as Java Developer for Mprest systems, focusing on implementing microservices architecture solutions and leading the DevOps efforts of the company. Prior to becoming a developer, he worked as a lawyer, at the Israeli Department of Justice.

Advisory Board

Gerard van Kesteren

Logistic veteran with over 25 in the field, held important senior positions in large and substantial companies: Kuehne + Nagel CFO (1999 – 2014), CFO Western Europe (1989 – 1999), Sara Lee Corporation Finance Director UK (1979 – 1985), Finance Director Spain (1985 – 1987), Corporate Director of Financial Planning and Analysis (1987 – 1989). Today he serves as a knowledgeable consultant in the field.

Marcel Fujike - SVP Kuehne + Nagel

Marcel started his aviation & logistics career with Lufthansa After seven years at Lufthansa Cargo going through international placements in London, New Delhi (establishing Lufthansa Cargo India), Singapore and Frankfurt, holding various management positions he joined Kuehne + Nagel In 2004, at their global Headquarter in Schindellegi/Switzerland.

Udi Dagan

Strategic executive with solid skills honed over 25 years in CEO roles at FedEx in Israel, board member at FedEx Bulgaria and Serbia, member of the board of directors of Flying Cargo group of companies, co-founder and former CEO of Boxit Lockers & Stores. Advisor, mentor and investor. Professional executive and lecturer at the School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.

Eyal Hertzog

Venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. Founder of MetaCafe, Israel fastest growing video sharing site reaching over 50M uniques at its peak. Previously, Eyal founded Contact Network, one of the first social networks in 1999. Eyal has been an outspoken thought leader on cryptocurrency in Israel and is a talented piano and bass musician.

Prof. Tetsuya Osaka

Senior Research Professor and Emeritus Director of the Institute for Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, and Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. He is past President of the Electrochemical Society (ECS), president of the Electrochemical Society of Japan, Vice-President of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan, Vice President of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE).

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer

Acts as attorney, arbitrator and expert in the areas of national and international commercial and contract law and international private law. His focal areas are national and international distribution, logistics and transport law. He is a professor of private, comparative, international private and European law of the University of Lucerne (part-time).

Dr. Moshe Ben David

Over 20 years of experience leading large organizations to Materialize their Vision through effective Business Processes, Knowledge Management practices, and Work Methodologies. At his current position, he establishes & manages Centers of Excellence (COE), implementing refined business processes and KM practices.

Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand

The Bernard L. Schwartz chair for nanoscale information technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical electronics and the department of Material science and technology, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Royi Itzhak

Head of Algorithm and Data Science , Inifinita big data Holds a Ph.D. in applied math. World class expert in deep learning, machine learning , data mining ,computer vision and artificial intelligence. Leveraging on vast hands-on experience , combined with academic research background, Royi designed and managed numerous projects with AT&T, Fiverr, HPE, banks, transportation and military technology companies.

Phil Gerskovich

Executive with broad experience in software, hardware, and IoT businesses. Held a senior vice president position in Zebra technologies, where he ran corporate development and oversaw multiple investments, acquisitions, and divestitures. Established corporate strategy process. Established and ran new growth businesses including RFID products and Internet of Things programs

Eli Mizroch

Blockchain economics and digital currency expert, Eli is a co-founder and CEO of Silver Castle, a digital currency investment and capital group. Eli has wide-ranging strategic and executive experience across a number of industries, having served as a senior partner at TASC consulting and capital (Israel's pre-eminent consulting firm), CEO of Golf&Co. (a leading fashion retailer), various senior management positions at Bank Hapoalim (including head of group marketing and head of strategy and bus. dev.), and deputy CEO of Bezeq. Eli holds an honors degree in Finance from the University of Cape Town.


2018 April

PoC demonstrating shipments setup and view. Basic smart contract

2018 July

Olam beta network on the air.

2018 September

MVP - Olam network operational.API v1.0 supporting paperles logistics, complete shipment flow, allowing e-documents check in, view and signature.

2019 April

API Ver 2.0 supporting IoT, secured storage of shipment sensors.

2019 December

Smart contracts V.1.0 supporting temperature controlled shipment clearance.

2020 April

API Ver 3.0 supporting finance, allowing seamless payments between the logistics providers.



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